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All of ENDO air hoists (EHL series) can provide an over load protection device and emergency stop for the European community market, including a CE declaration.

In the latest European Machinery Directive, only hoist exceeding a 1 ton capacity are required to equip an over load protection device. In accordance with this direction, Endo developed an overload protector for hoists exceeding a 1 ton capacity. However ENDO has also developed one for less than 1 ton (500kg). EHL-025TS to EHL-6TW, a rich line up designed to meet the CE regulation, will be more helpful for your various applications.

(Note): An overload protector and emergency stop should be ordered separately as an option since ENDO standard models usually do not include them.)

Optional Items:  Chain Bucket, Pendant Switch, Pendant Switch with Emergency Stop Included

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