Find Efficient Submersible Pumps in Singapore

Submersible pumps are an important device that is used to move liquids, sludge and other substances from one location to another. With a wide variety of uses in multiple industries for different purposes, they can be used as part of oil extraction, sewage treatment plants or construction sites. As one of Singapore’s largest and most established hardware distributors, we offer a top-notch range of pumps designed to operate efficiently under water pressure here at Allinton.

Fully Functional Water Pumps with Above-Grade Features

Relied on heavily by operators, the importance of submersible pumps cannot be understated. While selecting submersible water pumps, you need to acknowledge the purpose you wish to purchase it for. Some of the basic aspects you need to consider while purchasing these components are:

  • Inlet size.
  • Vertical suction lift.
  • Maximum head and pressure.
  • Motor.
  • Flow rate.

At Allinton, our pumps are engineered to remain functional even when it’s fully immersed in water. By hermetically sealing off the motor and pump, our submersible pumps prevent other liquids from entering and damaging gears or other mechanical components, which can otherwise damage your unit. As compared to external pumps that pull water, these lightweight submersible pumps are energy-saving by pushing water upward with faster pressure. You can browse our wide range of submersible pumps that can be easily deployed through cost-effective installation processes.

Browse Our Wide Selection of Submersible Pumps

Carrying brands such as Tsurumi and Yamada, we guarantee to provide a wide array of services to ensure that you benefit the most from your pump investments with Allinton. Our economical options seamlessly integrate to offer the best water supply applications in Singapore. If you require more information on what type of pump you need for your application, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today.

We look forward to serving you!

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