F-Clamps and G-Clamps in Singapore

Commonly used for carpentry or woodworking projects, clamps are versatile tools that temporarily hold your workpiece securely in place, allowing you to focus on completing your task without having to worry about frequent movements of the workpiece. Apart from carpentry and woodworking, clamps are used across many other applications, including welding, construction and metalworking.

Here at Allinton, we offer an extensive collection of high-quality and affordable F-Clamps and G-Clamps for your specific woodworking needs. Choosing the appropriate clamp for your particular uses is critical for maximum work efficiency and safety.

What Is an F-Clamp?

As its name suggests, an F-clamp is shaped like the letter “F” and consists of one long vertical bar and two horizontal jaws. Similar to a G-clamp, one of its jaws is fixed at one end of the bar while the other is moveable and can slide to different positions. However, the difference between an F-clamp and G-clamp is that the former can open a lot wider than the latter.

Due to its ability to withstand tremendous pressure, an F-clamp is suitable for clamping large and heavy workpieces in heavy-duty woodworking. DIY woodworking enthusiasts can also use the F-clamp to hold workpieces in a parallel manner during glueing.

What Is a G-Clamp?

The G-clamp is a general-purpose clamp that is widely popular among DIY woodworking enthusiasts. Shaped like the capital letter “G”, the upper edge of the G-clamp acts like a jaw while a threaded screw, which goes through a hole at the bottom of the tool, acts as a second jaw for clamping workpieces.

G-clamps come in a range of sizes that are designed for varying levels of duty. Smaller G-clamps are usually used for light-duty work like minor repairs, while larger G-clamps are used for heavy-duty work like sawing and drilling.

Get Your F-Clamps and G-Clamps From Allinton

If you’re looking for durable and sturdy clamps at competitive prices, look no further than Allinton. For enquiries or assistance with any of our products, please contact us.

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