Get a Gas Cutter for Your Cutting Operations in Singapore

The gas cutter is an equipment that has been used for years to cut through a variety of materials like metal. Gas cutters can be powered by either electricity or gas sources such as propane tanks. Depending on the type of cutter you have, it may require specialised blades, which must be replaced periodically due to wear and tear from use.

With the combination of oxygen and other fuels, the process begins when the user presses down on a lever-like trigger mechanism, releasing compressed gas towards its blade head, where it is quickly heated up before slicing through the workpiece that is placed in between. The result is a straight-line cut with clean finishing.

Benefits of Gas Cutters

Designed to make clean cuts – be it straight or angled – gas cutters are precision tools made to simplify any cutting job. When implemented in operations processes, gas cutters can help to save time and ultimately reduce manpower costs.

On top of that, gas cutters are typically light in weight, portable and easy to operate, making them the perfect solutions for trained professionals.

What to Take Note of When Operating a Gas Cutter

  1. The ignition temperature of the metal must be lower than its melting point. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the metal would melt away even before the cutting can take place. 
  2. The oxide formed should have a lower melting point than the metal.
  3. The reaction between the gas and the metal must be able to maintain the optimum ignition temperature.

Finding the Best Gas Cutters in Singapore

In search of the best gas cutters for the tasks at hand? At Allinton, we offer a wide range of gas cutters – each best suited for a specific purpose. From circular gas cutter and hand pipe gas cutter to magnetic pipe gas cutter and profiling gas cutter, we have it all. Check out our catalogue today!

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